Once you've written your plugin, you'll want to get it published to the Play Store - just like any other app.

If you don't already have a Google Play developer account, you can find out more about how to sign up for one here:


If you would like your plugin included in the plugin list within JuiceSSH you will need to email us the following information to support@sonelli.com:


    "package": "com.sonelli.juicessh.pluginexample",

    "description": "An open source example plugin which demonstrates some of the cool things plugins can do.", 

    "icon": "http://juicessh.com/images/logo-pluginexample-128x128.png",

    "author": "Sonelli Ltd",

    "email": "support@sonelli.com",

    "url": "http://juicessh.com",

    "opensource": true,

    "repository": "http://github.com/Sonelli/juicessh-pluginexample"