In order to set up a new SSH connection you will need the following details from your server:

  • Public address
  • SSH Port (22 by default)
  • Username
  • Private Key or Password

You will also need to make sure you have connectivity from your device to the SSH port of your server.

For this example we'll assume that your server's address is, the SSH service is running on port 22, your username is ec2-user and your private key file has been copied to the SD-Card of your Android device.

You should then be ready to open JuiceSSH, hit Connections and then select the "New Connection" button in the lower-right of the screen. On the resulting form fill in your server address and leave the port number as 22 is assumed for SSH connections.

Then, opt to create a new identity from the drop-down menu. Identities contain authentication details and can be reused for multiple connections. Enter your username then hit the private key button and allow "Smart Search" to locate your key file. Hitting OK will import the key and then saving the identity will return you to your part complete connection.

Check that your connection now has an appropriate identity name and then add any groups if desired.

Finally, hit save and then tap on your newly created connection in order to initiate a session.