EC2 Link is a feature for importing connection details from an API implementing the AWS EC2 DescribeInstances function. Each EC2 Link profile corresponds to one region of an AWS account. Create a profile by going to 'Settings > EC2 Link > New Profile'. Give the new profile a name, access credentials with the permissions described through the link below and select the region to request instances from. If the region required is not listed, try refreshing the list after entering credentials, or enter a custom endpoint. By default, each profile has one mapping. A mapping is a collection of filters and then connection parameters such as the identity and groups to apply to matches. On the manage profile page, swipe left to see each mapping and use the configure button (spanner icon) to add/remove mappings. Once your profile and mappings are correctly configured, you can save your profile and tap it to run once manually. They will also once once daily automatically at a convenient time. Viewing JuiceSSH's debug logs can be helpful when troubleshooting profiles. Be sure to enable the profile, attempt a sync, and the long press on the version number in the settings menu for the logs.